Services & Rates

Foundations Counselling provides a Talking Therapy with a qualified counsellor who can work with you in short term or long term therapy.

Short term contract are 6-8 weeks. With a review halfway through to see if this needs to be extended (if required)

Long term contracts are 12 weeks. Extension available if required.

Longer term contracts are 24 weeks. Extension available if required.

The sessions require a weekly commitment with payment on the day or in advance, depending on the agreement you have made with your counselor in your contract. Each session is a ” counselling ” hour which is 50 minutes. This starts on the hour. If you are late attending a session, the time will be taken from this and not extended. For example if you are 10 minutes late, you will only have 40 minutes with your counsellor, other clients will not be kept waiting so sessions begin and end on time.

For a session it will cost £40 per session, sessions need to be paid for at the beginning of the session or in advance of the session beginning.

Reductions are available for Students which will be £30 an hour.

Assessments will cost £20 and will be completed in the counselling hour. From this assessment the counsellor will let you know if they will be able to work with you, or if they feel another service provider can meet your needs in a more professional role than theirs.

On agreement from the counsellor and the client moving forward together an agreed time and day will be arranged for each week you require counselling which is a weekly commitment you both agree to in the contract you both sign.

If you would like to inquire about counselling please use the contact me page

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